Today we finished our third project in Ad Design. The assignment was to design a full page color ad for the newspaper.  The client could be the same as the previous project or the student could pick a new client. The client can be local, regional or national in scope but must promote at least one product or service. The last time Advertising Design was taught several of the student solutions from this project won awards. Zack Walker and Aide Gonzalez both won awards in last years Addy’s and the Brass Ring Awards. Logan Walcher won a medal in this years Addy Awards with his solution for this project titled “Real Vintage.”

"Real Vintage"

"Real Vintage" 2012 Addy Award by Logan Walcher

We had some great solution this semester and I am looking forward to next years competitions. GOOD WORK CLASS!

"Listening Pleasure" by Rob Schmidt

"Play With The Best" - Derek Villar

"Go Anywhere" by Bryan Whitley