Exploded Origami

Using your analysis of the spacial and planer interactions found within your origami animal, create an exploded diagram of the animal in such a way that there is at least 1/2 inch of space between all parts and pieces. How can you enhance the aesthetic appeal of the animal without losing readability? Push further…can you enhance the appeal and readability of the animal by manipulating the angles and distances between each plane?

The biggest and most time consuming part of this project is the exploded diagram (drawing.) Since this drawing is in full color it uses materials and techniques we have not worked with, which will take some experimentation to decide which tools will render the best solutions. Almost any color media will work. Most student tend to gravitate to materials they are comfortable with like colored pencils and markers. To truly get the most out of our program and curriculum you need to push yourself into areas you are uncomfortable in. Don’t always play it safe! Rather than choosing colored pencil maybe take a chance and try a wet media like watercolor or acrylic. Combine different medias to create a hybrid effect. Marker works great to lay down base colors then apply colored pencil to add highlights and detail.

Below is a class demonstration done with markers and colored pencil. Work light to dark with the markers then go back over the marker with pencils to blend color and add detail. You might also try using a colorless marker blender to help blend the colored pencils as well. The alcohol base in markers will dissolve the pencils and help blend them.

There are many helpful websites and video tutorials online to help you with techniques and tips. Many of these are a little cheesy but have good information. Here are a few that pertain to Markers and colored pencils:

Illustration Techniques – Marker and Color Pencil

There are many other options on media and style so research, research, research. . . Good Luck!