Again, probably the wrong category but. . . here goes.

I am very excited about our scheduled “Brainstorming Party” next class period. It should be fun and I hope productive. Many ad agencies and design studios use this party atmosphere to loosen up and help get ideas to flow but we do have to remember there is a purpose and problems to solve. To help achieve our goals be sure and do your homework. Make a list of ideas or themes for the Technicolor City. Include possible materials and construction methods. Take a trip to the closest Lowes, Home Depot and Hobby Lobby. Walk up and down the aisles and look at materials and try and imagine how they might be used in this project. In short be prepared! Do some research on the topic of brainstorming. How can we use this technique to help solve our problems? Watch the short video at this link about brainstorming;


Don’t forget to bring at least $2.00 for pizza!