There are many great magazines about Graphic Design and all students and professionals need to be familiar with them. I start recommending that students start looking at them on a regular basis or if possible subscribe as soon as possible, at least by the sophomore level if not before. The best of the best in my opinion for looking at cutting edge design and keeping up with current trends is Communication Arts. CA also gives a nice discount for student subscriptions. You can usually pick up a student discount form in the Design office or in A&D room 102 or subscribe online at:

Another great magazine that features practical design solutions is Before & After.

Before & After is more of a “how to” magazine with great tips and tricks as well as showing great design solutions. In their words. . .

Who we are
Before & After magazine has been sharing its practical approach to graphic design since 1990. Because our modern world has made designers of us all (ready or not), Before & After is dedicated to making graphic design understandable, useful and even fun for everyone.

I have been a subscriber from the very beginning. They started publishing about the same time I started teaching at UCO and I found their practical approach to design a perfect fit for design education. I often tell students that of all the design publications that I read (and that’s a lot) B&A is the only publication that I read every issue front to back! Check it out, I think you will find it a very valuable resource.

Here is an article from B&A that talks about a simple method of picking the perfect color palette.