It’s time for a new assignment! Because of our unexpected school closure last week, we lost a class period. So, I am extending the current project one class period so we can review the pre-comps that were due the day we missed. We can’t really afford to lose that day so I am going to make the next assignment today and we will start working on it while we finish up the current Magazine Series project. The new project is a Public Service project. This type of project is a common project in the Advertising world. It is a way to give back to the community, nation and world. Many times this kind of project is pro-bono or at least fee reduced in an effort to help an organization get their message out to the public. Because of this the solutions are often the most creative because (1.) the agency is allowed to do what they want creatively and are not hindered by a clients demands and (2.)the agency truly believes in the urgency and need of the message. I have attached a few professional examples below.

In addition to the professional images above here are a few examples of previous student work.

Omar Sosa

Logan Walcher

Travis Bruno

Aide Gonzalez