WHAT DO I DO NOW? Well, as a student you have two choices, (1.) slide to the end or (2.) push to the end! Unfortunately, many of my students choose the first choice which results in poor performance and usually negatively impacts their grade and more importantly their future portfolio work. Obviously, the correct answer to this question is the second choice. It’s really not what you want to do but it is what you need to do! I know, you have just had a little taste of fun and more importantly sleep and you want more. Remember when you were a kid or in some cases just last week when you were on the slopes as a beginner and you were learning how to sled, ski, skate or snow board. Yeah, sliding is fun but. . . little or no control. The same thing applies here. You have more control when you are pushing. So, come back with a purpose. Make these last projects the best you have ever done. Show the world ( and your instructor) what real design is all about. KNOCK MY SOCKS OFF!