I spent most of spring break grading. Yuk, but it had to be done. Here are some examples of student solutions for the ZOOP project.

Project description:

A stinky problem.
Animals at the zoo poop. There are lots of animals and hence lots of poop. What to do? Well, many zoos sell it! For example: Woodland Park Zoo sells Zoo Doo

“What is Woodland Park Zoo Doo? Woodland Park Zoo Doo is a fully composted blend of animal manures mixed with straw bedding, grass, leaves and wood chips from the grounds of Woodland Park Zoo. Which animals contribute to our Zoo Doo? All the non-primate herbivore (plant eaters) animals are happy to doo their part. These animals include, elephants, hippos, zebras, giraffes, gazelles, and oryx among others. Woodland Park Zoo creates nearly 1 million pounds of compost each year saving $60,000 per year in disposal costs.

Create an advertising campaign to sell your version of Zoop!