New Assignment – What’s Inside?


This is your last DF3 assignment and yes! it’s drawing again…but with another twist.

1.     Pick a product that you know has internal moving parts, but parts that you can’t see without taking the thing apart.

2.     Create an exploded drawing in which you deconstruct the product by drawing what you IMAGINE to be inside.

ex: Tiny little mice running on a wheel when my laptop works off battery alone.

14” x 20” Museum Quality Drawing, in full color using the medium of your choice (pending my approval.) Float mount with a 2” margin on all sides. Attach a tracing paper overlay and flap with cover weight paper to finish.

Here are some previous student examples to help get you started. The fun part of this assignment is your imagination on the inner workings of a product. So, get those brain cells working and have fun with a great creative solution.

TIP: Try to match the style and materials in your drawing to the creative solution of the inner workings of your product.