Most of you can’t remember or even know about FreeHand. FreeHand was a vector based drawing program similar to Illustrator. In fact, it was Illustrators major competitor for more than a decade until Adobe purchased it along with Pagemaker from Macromedia. The story that I heard at the time was that Adobe wanted Pagemaker because they didn’t have a desktop publishing software and they wanted it to base InDesign on to compete with Quark. Well, those of us who were FreeHand fans knew that the writing was on the wall but we at least hoped that Adobe would take the strengths from FreeHand and incorporate them into Illustrator. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. My good friend and former student, Sean Ferguson, sent me this video and it just made me realize how much I missed my old friend! The really sad part is now Illustrator has no competition on the Mac side, so we all lose.