Well, it’s almost over for this semester. I finished grading the Unfamiliar Media project in GD1. This project is unique in that each student must work in a media they have never worked with before to promote a cause that the student is interested in. The project assignment sheet and introduction is listed below:

Take a stand and create a promotional piece that advances (or fights against) your favorite issue which falls under the umbrella name of Social Responsibility.

This is design for the greater good, so you should be convincing people to participate in your cause. It’s not enough to make your audience aware, you have to make them want to do something and you need to tell them what you want them to do. But to add some realism to the situation you must create this piece in a medium in which you have never worked before.

The medium mentioned above can be a hand skill or technique (i.e. a new type or style of illustration, photography, video or film. It can also be a new computer software or technique.) This opens up the door to a huge variety of possibilities. We had some very interesting solutions and I applaud each of you for pushing yourselves beyond your personal comfort zone.

Spring 2012 examples:

Shelbi Rosa – Stop Action Video

AT-A-BOY! Good work. Keep pushing your concepts and solutions. Don’t let the lack of technology or a specific skill keep you from accomplishing your goals. That is what this assignment is all about!