It’s time for Tuition Waivers this semester. Some of you might not know what Tuition Waivers are. They are the next best thing to a scholarship. Free money for tuition! The Department awards this money every semester. To be considered you must fill out a simple form and write a short essay and that’s pretty much it, so take advantage of this opportunity! Here is a recent message from our fearless leader:

We are now accepting applications for tuition waivers. Please encourage your students to apply.
The form is available at: http://www.uco.edu/cfad/files/pdfs/design/DesignTutionWaiver.pdf

The deadline for submitting forms is 12:00pm (noon) On Friday, August 31st. Completed forms must be emailed to bjacobs@uco.edu

The only way for students to know of this opportunity is through you, so please announce this in your classes and email it to your students as well.


Below is a pdf of the form:

DesignTutionWaiver Form

Tip: The essay is of the utmost importance so spend some time and do it right!