The goal for this assignment is to develop a self portrait using letterforms.
You may use complete letterforms, parts of letterforms, punctuation, etc., but the letterforms must be recognizable. You can play with size, cases, etc. Choose your letterforms based on their visual similarities to the shapes they are meant to represent. Avoid excessive repetition to create large masses or shapes and the skewing of letterforms.
Size: 8.5” X 11”
Medium: Black and white computer digital print
Submission instructions: Mount submission on mat board
with a 2” border all around and a tracing sheet overlay.

Due Date:

Start with a photo. Have some fun with it! You have done at least one of these (self portraits) in Foundations and many of you are in CG1 now and are doing another so you should be familiar with getting your likeness from a photo reference. Place the photo in a background layer in Illustrator (this project should be done in a vector program, i.e. Illustrator.) start in a foreground layer and start inserting letterfoarms that will match the contour lines in your photo. Don’t get to involved with trying to create value or shaded dimension. HAVE FUN!

While you are on the computer take a break and google typography portraits. Spend some time and look at the fabulous work you find.

Here are a few examples of student solutions from previous classes: