New Assignment

Project 1: Type Crime Posters

Ellen Lupton in her book titled, ‘Thinking with Type’ has identified common typographical errors as ‘type-crimes’ (see index pg. 224). Use this as a starting point and develop a poster series (2 or more) to prevent or educate on type crime.

The first step to completing this project is research. You must find out what a Type Crime is and how to correct the problem before you can successfully design a poster to address and educate the public on the problem. Beware! This is the start of a life time obsession. You will never be able to casually look at printed type, signage or infographics again. Your friends will start to make fun of you. They will begin to call you names like “Type Geek” and make casual comments under their breath like “Who cares” but don’t be dismayed, it’s all part of the “Designer’s Curse.” Start by looking in your text index and reading every Type Crime that is marked in your book then Google Type Crimes. After you have spent some quality time researching Type Crimes, take your new knowledge to the streets. You will be amazed at how many of these errors you will be able to find. Choose at least two and create an 11×17 inch (minimum size) poster for each. Good Luck!

Here are few examples from previous classes: