Line Meets Meaning / ASSIGNMENT 3 / DUE 09.10.12 MONDAY

Create a 10 page book (plus front and back covers) that uses line to effectively express an abstract concept such as an emotion or attitude.
Communicate emotion and attitude through the use of line quality and style. Designers are communicators. In the case of interior design, we communicate through the way people flow through our spaces (do they feel comfortable, safe, relaxed or do they feel they shouldn’t linger, that there is modern business to be done). In product design we create feeling in the consumer based on how our object feels when touched. In graphic design the concept behind an ad carries a message that often has as style or attitude. As designers we can communicate these messages through something as simple as the use of line.

1. Create a list of 25 adjectives that describe human emotions or attitudes.
2. Make linear marks that visually communicate each of these 25 words.
3. Create three thumbnail sketches per word, this will give you seventy-five total sketches.
4. Use a WIDE VARIETY of media and techniques to alter the line quality of each sketch! Some words will require more than just three sketches to get the job done, go above and beyond to solve the problem, don’t be easily satisfied! Experiment with both mechanical and organic lines. Lines can be drawn, scraped, stitched, rubbed, fat, thin, curved, straight, etc. The idea is to communicate the feeling or essence of the word. List the media and technique below each example.
5. Based on class critique choose the best ten of your sketches and render them on a 6.5 inch x 6 inch page with a 4 x 4 inch delineated field. Don’t forget to design a cover with the title of your book and your name on it.
6. Add the name of the emotion to the book. Not in the composition with the line but into the design of your final book.

With this project we are working with the expressive quality of line. The point is to create a line only composition that evokes a descriptive word. Most students start out working to literal. They try to express the meaning of words pictorially (i.e. to express happy they draw a happy face.) That is not the solution we are looking for! Use a more abstract approach, perhaps upward energetic strokes that evoke a light positive emotion. Typically, aggressive words are portrayed with darker, heavier, more angular lines, while more passive words are portrayed with lighter, curvy, more organic lines. Remember this project is about lines not shapes, value, texture or any of the other elements.

Once the 10 solutions are complete you have to bind them in a book. This present another problem. What binding method should you use. TIP, try to make the binding a part of the overall project so that it blends well with the look and style of the interior pages. Here are a few examples of previous student solutions: