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Type Crimes Results

Well, the first full project of the semester has been completed, graded and returned. This class makes my fifth time teaching this class and approximately 100 students, so I am beginning to get a feel for the level of solutions. Each semester I have been encouraged by the creative solutions and the overall work ethic of the students on this first project. Yes, we start this class with type related exercises and we have some reading assignments and class lectures to help each student start thinking more about type but this is the first full project. Once again I am encouraged by the student solutions. We had a good variety of crimes represented with an equally impressive variety of creative solutions.

One observation and it may have something to do with the fact that no one has introduced you to the equipment yet, but now that you are out of Foundations classes you should start to use the Vacuum Dry Mount Machine to mount your work for presentations. This will help your craft and it is a much better method of mounting than rubber cement. Also, continue to strive for perfection on all aspects of your board preparation. Pay attention to cutting both the boards and the work, watch the application of your tracing paper overlays and make sure they are cleanly trimmed and measure and center all the work to be mounted.

Here are a few examples: