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Logo Project

Using all or parts of your name create four logos for four different
companies that provide products or services.
Example: If my name is John Doe, my four companies could be –
1) John tree climbing services
2) Doe deer protection agency
3) John Doe missing persons hotline
4) John D Design

From your four logo design solutions, one should use type as image, one should use image as type, one should use ligatures and one should demonstrate the use of counterforms. The use of color is optional for this project.

Invent four companies that use all or part of your name. Sketch out possible design solutions; at least 25 thumbnails for each. Seek the
approval of your professor before you take your strongest concepts to the computer. You can use any vector based software you are comfortable with to render your final design solutions.

Innovative concepts, clarity of the communicated message, graphics, font choice, manipulation of letterforms, size, kerning, layout,
documentation of process, participation at critiques and presentation.

Submit your digital files as pdf files to your folder in DropBox. Print and trim each design solution to fit within a 6 x 8 inch rectangle or a 6 inch square. Each solution must be mounted and flaped on mat board with a 2 inch border all around include a tracing sheet overlay.
Process books must include concept statements, your sketches, research, type tests and printouts with at least 3 size reductions and 2 enlargements to test for legibility. Also include on a single typed sheet, brief descriptions of the companies and your concepts for their logo design.

Deadline due – 10/16/12

Here are some previous student examples: