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Squaring up photos of your work

By now most of you know the importance of having good quality digital images of your finished work. In previous posts I have given you tips on correcting color, density,  contrast and sharpness to help your images be the best they can be. Occasionally you need to photograph mounted presentation boards, illustrations or other square or rectangular shapes. Aligning your camera angle and keeping it perfectly square is a time-consuming and difficult task. Fortunately Photoshop allows you to correct this mis-alignment quickly and easily. Here’s how:

Step one, open your digital photo in Photoshop. Make sure that your rulers are visible by going to View/Rulers.

Next turn on the grid by going to View/Show/Grid. You can adjust the number of grid lines and the unit of measure in Preferences. I prefer inches and 8 lines per inch.

Now drag in guide lines from your rulers and place them on the outside edge of your image. The rulers will magnetically attach, make sure they are on the outside corners.

Reduce your image in your window if necessary to see the gray background around the outside of your photo. Select the entire photo by pressing Command A, then select the Skew tool by going to Edit, Transform, Skew. This will give you square handles at each corner and in the middle of each side of your photo. Use the pointer tool and click on a corner where the image is inside the guideline and drag it straight out until the image aligns with the guideline. Repeat this procedure on all corners until you have a square image that aligns with the guidelines. Double click on the inside of your selection or hit return to set the skew.

You now have a square image and you can turn off the grid and view the image. You can save the image with the background or use the crop tool to crop to the guidelines and crop out the background.

That’s it! Happy squaring.