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2012 Type & Image report

Wow, finally finished grading the Type & Image projects. This is a huge project with several parts. The results were really good on Part 1 this semester. The results, overall, are the best I have had to date. Great work! Parts 2 and 3 were also good but with a wider margin for success. Again, I feel I need to remind you that this is a typography class and a typography project, so, the type solution should be equally as visual as the image solution. Many seemed to put all their efforts and energy into the photographic (image) part of the solution and the type was merely applied to the surface with minimal thought to the integration and interaction with the image. Never the less, congratulations on completing this project. I would like to tell you that it’s a slide from here on out but, sorry, it keeps getting harder. Keep working and pushing, it will be worth your effort!

Here are some samples: