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Logo Project Results

I got the Logo Project graded over the weekend. The results are good but we still need to work on the presentations and the process books. As for the presentations, spend a little extra time and write your thoughts down. You don’t need to completely script every word but you need to have some notes for the key components of your rationale for all your design decisions. Good logical justification is the basis for a good presentation. Don’t just tell me what you did, I can see that, tell me why you did it! Another good tip is what I like to call “taking the I out of your presentation and put the emphasis on the design.” In other words, rephrase your statements, in stead of saying “I chose the color blue for its calming effects” say “the color blue was chosen for its calming effects.” The process books are better but still need improvement. Most of you are not including any research in your process books. This is a big oversight, research should be a big part of the process (see the blog post on Process.) One of the first things I do when I start a new project is research examples of other similar solutions. I know you are doing this to some degree because I show you previous solutions. This is a form of research and you should add to this from every source possible i.e. internet search, magazines like CA and Print, books etc. Make screen captures (see blog post on Computer Tip – Screen Captures) of everything, scan all printed examples and include them in your process books.

Here are some examples: