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New Assignment – Word Origins

Etymology: the history of a linguistic form (as a word) shown by tracing its development since its earliest recorded occurrence in the language where it is found, by tracing its transmission from one language to another, by analyzing it into its component parts, by identifying its cognates in other languages, or by tracing it and its cognates to a common ancestral form in an ancestral language. (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/etymology)

Your goal for this project is to convey the etymology of three words of your choice using only type for an audience determined by you. You may choose the format for application/presentation. You are not permitted to use profane language for this assignment.

The challenge of this project is to convey the history, evolution and present-day use of  words. Limited vector graphics or photography may be used but type-dominant solutions must be proposed.


Research and choose words in the English language that have an etymology that interests you. Sketch out possible solutions after considerable research of both the content and the format of application/presentation. Take your strongest solutions to the computer after seeking approval from your instructors. Development of ideas, sketches and research must be documented in a process book for this project.


Submit your final solutions printed and mounted on mat or foam-core board, digital files in PDF format submitted through Drop Box and a printed process book (must include your concept statement, sketches, research, type tests and development of ideas).  If your application was designed for  digital/online dissemination, you are still required to submit relevant prints of your solution (example: screen shots for a website).

Due Date – 11/20/12

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