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Well, we finally reached the project you all have been looking for. The last one! Here’s your last chance in this class to blow me away with your awesome design skills.

Project 6: Conceptual book

Design a 10-12 page accordion fold book with a front and back cover. For this project you will be assigned a topic of social relevance which you are to use as a starting point for the content and concept of the book. The goal for this book is to educate, generate awareness and encourage a reaction from your target audience.
Use a type-dominant approach for your final solution. Limited use of vector graphics is permitted. Your concept should translate to the content, grid, color, typography and layout of the book. The challenge of an accordion fold book is that the pages have to function individually and collectively in the context of a book.

Determine  a client, target audience, message and goal before
developing a concept. Research your topic and other similar
types of communication before you begin sketching.

Here are examples of past student solutions: