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The I Heart Blank Book
The Grid – All you ever wanted to know and more!
DUE Wednesday 02.06.13

Choose something that you love. Create a book that uses several different grids to arrange the same information to create different visual narratives and attitudes.

Step 1
Choose something that you love. It can be kittens, matchbox cars, salt, unicorns, and so on. Anything will work provided that someone has already written a history about it. NO WIKIPEDIA…use real, actual books please.

Step 2
Choose the best history of this subject and take at least 300 words from this book. You will also need to find a time line for the subject you’ve chosen. You’ll be using this text and time line more than once so be sure it’s the strongest and most meaningful you could find. Yes, you’ll have to type this in yourself so use spell check to eliminate typos.

Step 3
Create a breaksheet: the book will have 16 total pages including the covers. Folded it will be 6 x 6 inches. Unfolded each spread will be 6 inches tall by 12 inches wide. This book will be saddle stitched. Each spread will have the text you’ve chosen, at least three images or illustrations, and a time line. Each spread will use a different grid. So 8 grids in total.

Step 4     
Paper is a vital part of the design process. Pick a paper that is appropriate to your subject. PLAN AHEAD…PAPER TAKES TIME

The completed book as a physical comp.
The completed book as a packaged InDesign file.
A high quality print PDF file.
All process work as digital file.

Making and Breaking the Grid.
Great Book! I suggest getting it!

Samples from previous class: