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Well, we have completed the first project! It always seems the toughest but now we are over that obstacle and fully into Advertising. From here on out it gets better and better. The new project gives each student more creative freedom to explore unlimited possibilities with client/product choice. Take advantage of this freedom.

New Project:

Newspaper Ad 2

Design an ad for the newspaper.  Your client is any retail client.  They have decided to promote a new item with a black and white newspaper ad.  They have purchased 50 column inches in the local newspaper and want you to create an ad using this space.

Creative Brief – Thursday, Jan. 31, BOP
Thumbnails – Tuesday, Feb. 5, BOP
Tight roughs – Thursday, Feb. 7, BOP
Final Comp – Tuesday, Feb. 12, BOP

Through traditional design methods (thumbnails, roughs and finished comp) create an ad layout using no more than 50 column inches.  Write the headline, key phrases and body copy for the ad.  In your thumbnails and roughs indicate where the body copy will go with greeking, squiggly lines or any other acceptable method of showing body copy.  Include art or photography if you wish.  Complete the comp for presentation using the computer and an appropriate software . Float mount the finished comp on black presentation board with a 3 inch minimum border and complete with cover flap.
Start with thorough research of your client. Who their target market is, what their product lines are and what kind of previous advertising have they done. Write your creative/design brief based on this information and what this ad is intended to achieve. Spend the appropriate amount of time on this step, it will make the rest easier with a much higher degree of success.
Move to the thumbnail part of the process. Explore all possibilities to visually communicate your creative brief. You are required to complete a minimum of 50 but don’t be afraid to go beyond this to explore more options.
Choose the best 3 thumbnails that clearly communicate and achieve all of the goals of the creative brief. Using pencil and layout paper enlarge and tighten up these 3 ad ideas. Move to the computer and include headline type and any art that has been chosen to help communicate the message. Be prepared to discuss these in pre-comp review.
Choose the best of the tight roughs and transfer it to the computer to create the final comp. Scan logos, photos and/or illustrations and composite with headline and body type for finished comp.

1.  Continued work and practice in designing advertising for the newspaper.
2.  To gain experience in working with newspaper mechanical specs and terminology.
3.  To develop and practice producing quick presentation quality comps with markers.
4.  To practice verbal presentation skills.

Ad Specs
Media – Newspaper
Size – 50 column inches, the column width of the paper is 1.5 inches.  The width of the ad (number of columns) can’t exceed the depth in inches.

Comp Specs
thumbnails – minimum 50
roughs – tight pencil to size – minimum of 3
colors – black and white
art – appropriate photograph or illustration

1.  Creative concept
2.  Target market communication
3.  Visual uniqueness
4.  Quality of presentation
5.  Timeliness of completion

Here are a few examples: