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It has been a long time since my last post, over a month. Sorry for the delay but sometimes life gets in the way. I usually try to post something after Spring break that is inspirational and will help motivate the students to finish the semester with a strong final push. Well, this semester I guess I just wasn’t feeling it. Yep, I had lost my inner enthusiasm. You all know that students have a hard time staying on top of their game and most would agree that’s what good teachers are for but who’s going to step up and motivate the teachers? Well, usually we help each other and try to motivate our selves. Often, it is the students and their excitement and enthusiasm about projects that help stimulate the teachers but sometimes all of that is just not quite enough and we have to look outside for stimulation. For me it usually comes when I see exciting new solutions by professional designers or when I start working on a new project. This year it took a little longer than usual but it finally happened. It’s kind of like when you experience a creative dry spell and you finally break through with a fresh idea or concept. You feel like you just got a shot in the arm of magic design juice. Man, if we could only bottle that stuff!

This semester for me, it came in the form of an exhibition. We try to have new exhibitions in our “Hall Gallery” about 4 times a year. The purpose of these exhibitions is to expose our students to good local professional work. These exhibitions are usually accompanied by a gallery talk by the designer or designers about the work. A week ago we had one of these openings and gallery discussions with Corey Fuller. Corey is a talented designer and design educator from Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Corey was a graduate student here at UCO and received his MFA a couple of years ago. His exhibition was based on a self-imposed project that he called “The Daily Artifact.” In a nutshell, this project was to produce an original 12×18 inch poster everyday for an entire year. Yeah, you read that right, one poster everyday for a year! What a challenge and what dedication and commitment it took to complete this project. Think about it for a minute, everyday! Oh, I’ve got a headache, doesn’t matter, got to do my poster. I’m sick, doesn’t matter, got to do my poster. I’m having a bad day, doesn’t matter, got to do my poster. Now, think what you will learn, how you will benefit, the size of the body of work you will create! In Corey’s opening statement he mentioned that the entire 366 posters when hung next to each other edge to edge with no space between and stacked 4 poster tall was 6′ tall by 90′ long. Folks, if you don’t find this inspirational, there is definitely something wrong, you better check your inspirational button.

CONGRATULATIONS Corey and thank you for kick starting my motivation!!!!

The sad part of this story is we had a pretty good crowd of students at the opening and gallery talk but not near enough. Almost none of our graduating senior students. Shame on you, you missed something really special.