Spring Fever – How to get through it!


Last Friday afternoon, I was in my office, grading and trying to focus, when a couple of guys stuck their heads in the doorway. I immediately recognized one of them as a former student, James Hugo, so I welcomed them in. I have probably mentioned numerous times how I hate to grade so any diversion is a welcome relief from grading. The two young men came in my office and James introduced me to his friend and business partner. After about five years of experience working as Graphic Designers for a local company they branched off and started their own firm. In addition to the normal design assignments for local clients they are developing their own line of collectible toys. They were obviously excited about the venture and were eager to share recent success stories. After we talked a few minutes I asked why they were here (at school), they replied they were here to see the Corey Fuller exhibit in the Design Hall Gallery, “The Daily Artifact.” We had a great discussion about Corey, another former student and his exhibit, they then asked what they could do to help the design community in Edmond. We talked about a few specific things while they continued to look at Corey’s work. They said it was great to see me and catch up, thanked me and left. I went back in my office and thought about our conversation. I remembered James as a student and thought about his progress and growth, then I thought about another former student, Jason Keisling who popped in about a week earlier and shared some of his successes as a designer in Portland. He also came to see Corey’s exhibit. I thought a little longer about these three outstanding young men and realized again why I do what I do. Even the grading is worth it. . . to have a small part in the growth and development of my students and an industry that I love. So, thank you Corey, James, Jason and the hundreds of former and current students.

Corey  http://www.coreyleefuller.com/