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The End is Near!

We are wrapping up our second ever Critique Week. Wheeew! What an effort. Congratulations to all who put forth the extra effort. You know who you are. You will reap the benefits later but now you can relax (a little, we still have final projects due next week) and know that you gave it your all. It’s a good feeling isn’t it? You are one more week and a couple of projects away from a well deserved summer break. Enjoy it, you’ve earned it but don’t rest on your past accomplishments. Frankly, for a design educator, Critique Week or something like it is one of the most exciting times in the education process. We get to see the fruits of your labor and anticipate the future as your skills and knowledge grow. We told almost every Foundation student to spend the summer immersing themselves in all things design in preparation for their next big step in the fall. Great advise and many will. For all you upper level design students, look out, get ready, there is a herd of good new students chomping at your heals. So, we all (myself included) should heed that advise and get prepared.

For the graphic design Foundations students we strongly suggested that they look at the wonderful design work featured on the Behance website. Most of you upper level students already know about it but in case you don’t – check it out!