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I have been working on the preparation and archival framing of a large body of political cartoons that the University has for an upcoming exhibition in the Melton Gallery. This collection was discovered in the recent renovation of the Melton Gallery in the old storage room of the Gallery. The works had been donated some time ago and basically they had been stored and forgotten. The gallery director and I discovered them while cleaning the room. We were both amazed by the quantity and quality of the work. I immediately realized the possibility of a great resource for drawing and illustration students. The collection has 53 pieces and spans about 40 years from 1905 to the mid 1940s. Almost all of the pieces were published in large metropolitan newspapers all over the United States. Many of the pieces have sketches or written information on the backs which make them doubly interesting.

The value for students is immeasurable. Like any master works, so much can be gained by studying the technical skills and variety of medias and techniques used in the creation and execution of each piece. In addition to the skills of the artists, these works reveal the personality and humor of each illustrator and the historical significance of a huge variety of situations that directly shaped our country’s future.

If all of the above were not enough, some of the works have direct reference to our chosen profession of Design. One that particularly caught my eye and seemed as relevant today as it was when it was created is a beautifully done piece by John T. Coulthard from Modesto, California. Be sure and read all of the beautifully hand rendered type and take his message to heart. There is no short cut, there is no magic!

"Rejection" by John T. Coulthard

“Rejections” by John T. Coulthard

Practice drawing, lettering and signature stamp - Back

Practice drawing, lettering and signature stamp – Back