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Raise The Bar – Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained!

We’ve all heard idioms and proverbs like the ones above but how can we apply these truths to our design development? Well, in my humble opinion, there is no magic way, you just have to find great reference and be brave enough to try. I think many students shy away from some solutions because of the difficulty and or time necessary to complete the assignment using certain techniques are skills. My comments today to one of my classes were, in the words of a famous shoe company, just do it. Think about the artist or designer that you are trying to emulate, if he or she let that stop them in the beginning of their career they would have never been able to achieve the quality of work that you are admiring. No, you are not going to have immediate success but you and everyone else has to start somewhere. So, don’t be afraid to fail but have the perseverance to succeed.

Of all the types of excellence there are in Design and Illustration, hand lettering has that fear of failure for most students. It takes great hand skills and you only gain those through practice. Here is a great example of greatness and inspiration. Enjoy and be inspired but don’t be afraid to try!