Meanwhile Back At The Ranch

Huge Success!

The first annual all-department meeting is now official in the history book and was a huge success. I personally had a great time and had a lot of fun. I have to admit that I was extremely tired after the event. Standing up in front of you all for 2+ hours trying to be witty, funny and charming can really tap you out. I was pleased at the turn out but there were still a few missing faces. Next year we need to get everyone there. CONGRATULATIONS to the big winners. It was fun watching everyone scramble for all the correct answers to the prize game. I was particularly pleased with your response to my portion of the presentation on my Blog. It seems by your reaction that the blog is working and that you are finding the info helpful. That’s why I do it! Help me keep it going with suggestions on interesting topics.

Here are a couple of the happy snaps from the photo booth

Your Fearless Leaders

Your Fearless Leaders

Meanwhile 2

Fun, Fun, Fun