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Choosing Colors

This is a daunting task for even the most experienced Designers. How do you choose colors that will complement photos, type and any other elements that complete your composition? In the UCO Foundations curriculum we have a couple of projects that were designed to teach you about color theory but is that enough. The answer is NO! There are a ton of books that are completely about color and color theory. Artist have spent their entire life studying and learning about color. So, like all the principles and elements of design, we all should continue to research and learn to help us be the best we can be. Fundamentals of Art and Design aren’t mastered in a class or in a year or even several years. You will continue to learn and grow for the rest of your academic and professional career.

I have posted articles about Before & After several times. This magazine and online reference is one of the best at teaching you fundamentals. Here are a couple of lessons from Before & After on color that will help you get the most from this amazing element of Art and Design.

Before & After Color Wheel

Before & After Color Wheel article


Here is a Before & After article that I have posted before about the easy and practical selection of color in a digital file.

Perfect Color

Perfect Color article