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Clean Up and Recycle!

I’ve noticed something in the Print Center and the Computer Lab that has been getting progressively worse during the course of the semester. Yes, you’ve already guessed, it’s the TRASH and PAPER build up, particularly around the cutters. Then occasionally I see the trash been overflowing with waste end cuts of scrap paper. I know this is better than just letting it pile up on the floor or desktops but as designers we need. . . no we must be at the forefront of recycling and taking care of our planet. So, here are some suggestions, tips and rules regarding our lab and print center:

1. Pick up and clean up after yourself. You have all heard that your mother doesn’t live here. . . well she doesn’t, so you have to help keep the area clean. Pick up all scraps and put all equipment like scissors, straightedges, rulers, staplers etc. back where they go.

2. Put all the scraps in the trash or when possible put them in the recycle bins. All paper scraps, mat board and cardboard should be recycled. Foam board is not recyclable, so put it in the trash. Do not mix it in the recycle bin.

As we turn the corner and head into the final part of the semester this problem will continue to get worse unless we all do our part. So, as the Nike slogan says – Just do it!