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Stationery Package – Letterhead/Logo

Because the nature of pre-press lacks creativity, it is difficult to show examples of projects and solutions. This project has a creative component, so I can show some examples, although the examples do not show the pre-press solutions.


You have been contacted by your existing brochure client. Your client has expressed a concern about their current corporate identity, especially their existing logo. They would like you to start work immediately on a new logo design for their company. They have indicated they would like something more “Flashy.” Foil, die-cuts and/or embossing should be considered. They would like to apply the new logo to a standard stationery package that includes letterhead, envelopes and business cards. They would also like a pocket folder that they can insert their new brochure, cover letter and a business card to be used in client presentations.

The pre-press portion of this project is intended to expose the students to the proper preparation of digital files for specialty printing i.e. Embossing, Foil, Die Cuts and combinations of all of the above.

Here are some examples of the creative design aspects of the project: