Fables of Being

Most of you that are followers of my blog know that my primary goal is to showcase excellence in Design, primarily in student work. I also hope that some of my posts can help in technical solutions and inspiration. Today’s post is about inspiration and taking the time to recognize it when it is staring you in the face on a daily basis. Open your eyes and soak it in, no matter where the source might be. Every day going and coming from school, walking from the parking lot, every thing around you could be your next BIG thing! Currently there is an exhibition in the Art & Design building by visiting Art Professor, Xenia Fedorcheno. Her work is primarily drawing and printmaking, featuring a variety of techniques and media including etching, lithography, mixed media, graphite and ink on hand made paper. Her imagery is interesting and her concepts are contemporary and timely. The work is excellent and a real visual treat. We, particularly, Design students pass by the Art Foyer Gallery multiple times every day. We get so complacent that we don’t even notice when new work is put up. Part of the reason is we think that it really doesn’t matter or effect us as designers or more importantly our design classes. Wake up! It does matter, take a look, soak it in, store it in your hard drive, save it for inspiration!