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Let’s Get Cubed, Coned & Sphered!

Foundations 1 is geared to teach basic design fundamentals and hand skills, particularly drawing skills. In a previous post I talked about drawing exercises in drawing basic three-dimensional shapes in perspective. This project is designed to put all those skills together in a self portrait.

It’s self portrait time! But with a twist…here you’re going to use observation, analysis, and invention to create a unique and accurate self portrait.
1. Take a picture of yourself making the weirdest, silliest, happiest, goofiest, etc. face you can. I’d suggest using Photo Booth.
2. Print out your picture at 8 x 10 (vertical or horizontal).
3. Analyze the shapes that make up your image.
4. Draw yourself using ONLY these shapes. The idea is to get as detailed and dimensional as possible.
5. Use shading, value, the illusion of depth, weight, mass and texture just as if you were drawing yourself exactly as you are.

Here are examples of this semester’s student solutions: