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Yes, there really is life after retirement. Officially, I retired after the last Spring semester. Everyone asks me how I like retirement, my response is usually something like “it doesn’t feel a lot different.” It really doesn’t and that’s a good thing! I loved what I was doing before and I love what I am doing now. I am still teaching but now it is a reduced load. I am only teaching one class per semester. This semester it is Pre-Press. This reduced load gives me a little more time to work on my guitars and pursue my painting career. Over the summer I made slow but steady head way on both. I have two new guitars in the works and I picked up a new gallery, JRB Art at the Elms, in the Paseo district. JRB has actually sold a couple of big pieces. The latest will be hung in the new GE Building in OKC.

"Minions and Pink Ridges" being hung at the new GE Building

“Minions and Pink Ridges” being hung at the new GE Building

My one class, Pre-Press is going well. We just finished our first assignment and I have assigned a 2-color brochure project for the second. I have posted about this project in the past. Here is the link, which should help my students get started;


At first this project might seem simple, so simple you might think it difficult to do anything creative. THAT IS THE CHALLENGE! Put on your thinking caps, go back to the basics and do something GREAT!