New Additions

Over this past summer we added several pieces of equipment to our Letterpress and Prototype Lab. As many of you know we have this lab that includes several letterpress proof printers, a 3-D printer and several inkjet and laser printers, all dedicated to giving our students an edge both in printing knowledge and comp preparation. Basically this equipment helps are students perfect their “making craft”. We have now added a laser engraving machine that tremendously increases our capabilities in making computerized die cuts and personalized components in a variety of materials.  We also added a 4 color screen printing work station that expands our capabilities in printing in multiples. From paper to packaging to tee shirts, all are now possible in the lab. This summer I installed the equipment and built tables for production and storage. In the previous post I talked about our experimentation with creating type high fonts using the laser engraving machine. My last project this semester in Pre-press class is to design a tee shirt. This semester we will design and prepare it to print  as usual but now we will actually print the shirts, giving the students the actual experience of printing! The images that follow are photos of my first print on our new equipment.