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First Project – Good and Bad!

The first project in Advertising Design has always been the Good & Bad Ad project. Each student chooses a good ad and a bad ad from three different newspapers, one local, one regional and one national. After class discussion on their choices, they re-do the bad ads in an attempt to make them better and hopefully good. The results are usually not very good for a variety of reasons. At this stage of the class the students are really not very aware of advertising and the subtle and not so subtle differences in straight design.

This year, in an effort to improve the results for this project, I am showing them a few more examples and exposing them to more research. One of my all time favorite publications about design is Before & After. I found an old article on how to improve a flyer that sells a product. This entire article is very much like what I am asking the students to do with their redesign.

Here it is. I hope it helps!